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The ultimate place for all your books!

Have one place for all your books!

Write down highlights, quotes and notes for each book you read.

From now on, don’t miss a single day without reading!

What's inside:

✅ Template to add new books.

✅ Overview ( See all your books in the front page).

✅ Button widget to top rated books websites (Goodreads, Readwise, Shortform)

✅ Quick navigation bar.

✅ Reading this month ( Show the books that you are reading).

✅ Dynamic quotes ( Displays a different quote of your choice each day of the year).

✅ Monthly and yearly reading objectives.

❓How to use the dynamic quotes system:

1- Go to Quotes database.

2- The “Day of the year“ column’s number correspond to today.

3- Scroll the database to find the matching number in “Quote no” column (”Show quote“ column will be ☑️ then).

4- Open the page, write your quote and it will show in the front page.

5- Fill the rest of the 365 line with quotes or highlights from the books you read.

❓How to set yearly and monthly objectives:

1-Note: It’s mandatory that you add new books by clicking on “New” then “New book” in the new page as shown below.

2-You Just have to set your objectives by modifying the title and the desired books number in the “Objectives” database .

❓How to link to Readwise database:

1-Add a relation to readwise database like shown below.


Does this work with Notion's free version?

Absolutely. Following your purchase, you will be sent a link to clone this to your Notion workspace. You do not have to be a member of Notion's Personal Pro plan to utilize it.

How can I get the template?

To replicate the template to your workspace, open the template link and then click "Duplicate" in the upper right corner.

Do you still have questions?

Send your comments or questions to @HichemBHKA on Twitter

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The library

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